Hungry Tummy Month Pack


Hungry Tummy Month Pack


Month pack combination that will create lunch & dinner.

6 Breakfast options and 15 fruit options to add to breakfast.

5 x Tiny Tummy Apple

5 x Tiny Tummy Merry Berry

5 x Explorer Tummy Rooibos Apple & Pear

5 x Explorer Tummy Beef

5 x Explorer Tummy Basil Beef

5 x Explorer Tummy Chicken

5 x Explorer Tummy Rosemary Chicken

12 x Explorer Tummy Broccoli

12 x Explorer Tummy Spinach & Green Beans

6 x Explorer Tummy Beetroot & Sweet Potato

4 x Explorer Tummy Minty Mashed peas

14 x Hungry Tummy Cinnamon Butternut

12 x Hungry Tummy Vanilla Sweet Potato

10 x Hungry Tummy Ginger Carrot

8 x Hungry Tummy Fruity Chicken

8 x Hungry Tummy Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

2 x Hungry Tummy Butternut Pasta Sauce

2 x Hungry Tummy Tomato Veggie Pasta Sauce 3 x Hungry Tummy Apple & Cinnamon Oats

3 x Hungry Tummy Cherry Berry Oats

For Reflux babies we can replace Hungry Tummy Ginger Carrot with (5 x Hungry Tummy Vanilla Sweet Potato and 5 x Hungry Tummy Cinnamon Butternut)

Please add this to your order notes.

No fruit or protein wil be replaced for carrots.

Can be kept frozen for 3 months. Expiry date at bottom of tubs.

1 review for Hungry Tummy Month Pack

Just wondering I want to order a month pack under the clearance sale, but it’s the same price as under the normal categories?

Is this right?

Good day Angi, I will check for you. The clearance sale was only for baby bibs. No food items. Will contact you shortly.

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